Requesting data from Price API costs credits. Simple requests cost one credit, advanced cost more. Get credits by booking a plan.

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We measure your usage of Price API in credits. The more data you request, the more credits you spend. The system is fairly straightforward.

Example: Let's say you create a job on Price API to retrieve 100 products with default settings.

If we can look up all the products, this will cost 100 credits, one for every product that we looked up. This also includes products we looked up, but were not available at the data source, because we have the exact same amount of costs on our side. We return a reason "not found" in this case.

Special cases and options

If we encounter an error, like a network issue, we try again. But if we cannot look up a product for technical reasons, we don't charge any credits for this product.

When you request all offer pages instead of just the first offer page (the default), we charge more than one credit per product. See your contract or ask us for details.
When you request a product in realtime instead of daily updated (the default), we charge the double amount of credits.

Example: You request 100 products in realtime. Price API encountered 10 errors, while 90 products were looked up. This job would cost 90 * 2 = 180 credits, because 90 products were looked up and realtime costs double the amount of credits.

Example: If you want to look up 2,000 products every day in a month with 30 days, this would cost 2,000 * 30 = 60,000 credits.


There are four aspects that influence the cost of your request:ย 

  • How many products you request

  • How many products we could look up

  • If you request the first offer page or all offer pages

  • If you request daily updated data or realtime data

How do I get credits?

When you first sign up, you get a number of free credits so that you can try our service. After that, you get new credits by booking one of our plans.

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